14. 12. 2020 at 6:30 Moscow time
(9:00 Udupi time)

Have a good day dear friends!

In connection with all the events in the world, we decided to organize a monthly yajna for the well-being and maintenance of health for our families, to conduct Navagraha homa and Mahamrityunjaya homa.

You can participate in it for any amount according to your wish. So please join us!

You need to fill in your name and donate any amount.

We will conduct Navagraha homa and Mahamrityunjaya homa, if your data does not appear in the table this month, then it will automatically go to the next month, and you will participate in the next month Yajna. If possible, it is favorable to fast before the yajna (any kind of fasting), everything is according to your decision.

Yagya videos will be available in our groups:


The temple of Sri Raghavendra Swami also provides yajnas, including individual ones. What is yajna and what is it for?
A yajna is an offering to God on our behalf. It can have a different form, our spiritual practice, for example, is also a type of yajna.

Carrying a yajna can also have different purposes, for example, we can turn to God with a request to know Him or to fulfill our desires. And also, this offering is carried out by clergymen instead of us, by brahmins. They chant prayers and offer different gifts to the Lord on our behalf. Yajna is also a form of spiritual practice.

Once a year, approximately in the month of February, a grand yajna is held in the temple on the day of the adoption of the sannyasa (vow of renunciation) of Sri Raghavendra Swami for the prosperity and well-being of all living beings. In the photo and video, you can see its preparation and conduction. Some of you have already had the opportunity to participate in it.

In order to sign up for a yajna, you must first meet with Jayatheertha Acharya and check your astrological chart which yajnas and rituals are right for you. Sometimes Acharya may offer you something else to receive blessings and fulfill your desire. Or maybe one yajna is not enough for you and you need additional austerities.

If you don't know your time of birth, write so


• Overcome all obstacles


• Purifying Yajna


• For inviting good kids


• Preserve from enemies and negative energies


• To solve a difficult life situation

• For prosperity - financial and career


• For health improving


• Getting blessings of the 9 planets


• In order to get a good spouse


• A blessing for a new house

• A blessing for land and construction


• Education


• To harmonize life


• Shraddha for peace of gone souls


• On Birthdays


• For success in life

Если не знаете своего времени рождения, так и напишите
Если не знаете своего времени рождения, так и напишите


Yajna price:

Depending on what rituals of Jayatheertha Acharya will offer to you, their number, you can find out its total value. The cost of all the rituals is calculated based on the prices of the temple and the contribution to support of our project. Therefore, we also invite you to hold yajnas.

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